The Bubonic Plague Page

This page is dedicated to the memory of The Bubonic Plague (1982-1985).

Darwinian scholars contend that The Bubonic Plague was the missing link between Da Slyme and Dog Meat BBQ, while creationists refuse to admit that it even existed.

Recent research indicates that The Bubonic Plague was formed in the summer of 1982 in St. John's, Newfoundland. Apparently, a large number of rather shady individuals were involved in The Bubonic Plague in its early days, by early 1984 the group's line-up consisted of the following:

Mike O'Brien (vocals)
Wallace Hammond (guitar)
Mark Oakley (bass & vocals)
Terry Carter (drums)
The Bubonic Plague inhabited the primitive depths of the St. John's punk rock scene until the spring of 1984, when it headed off to stalk larger prey in the swamps of Toronto, Ontario. It is believed that The Bubonic Plague became extinct sometime in the summer of 1985.

A crack team of paleontologists are currently researching the history, habits and reproductive system of The Bubonic Plague, and the results of their endeavours will be posted at this website as soon as they become available to the general public. In the meantime, we have assembled what what evidence currently exists on The Bubonic Plague, and have reproduced it here for your edification. At present, this includes a discography with lyrics, a few posters, and a picture of The Bubonic Plague in their (un)natural environment.

Check back in the future for further developments.


Wild Wild Youth in Asia (Vikki-Beat, 1983)

Smile - Think Positive (Vikki-Beat, 1984)

Check out some
Vintage Plague Posters:

Quoc Te
(20 September 1984)

Larry's Hideaway
(3 December 1984)

(7 May 1985)

The Bubonic Plague at the Quoc Te, Toronto, 1985

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