This here's the story of three little pigs 
   who thought they could rule the world 
suck up the wealth from the countryside 
   and enslave the little boys and girls 
see how they ransacked nations
   how they looted and they burned
then look at the world around  you
   there's a lesson to be  learned

The first little pig wore a purple robe
   on parchment he wrote down the law
he came, he saw, he conquered
   and built his house on a bundle of straw
he had slaves to build his empire
   slaves to guard his home
he orgied and he feasted
   and he called his pigsty "Rome"

But that little pig was a short-sighted pig
   didn't read the writing on the wall 
he partied while he plundered 
   and ignored his own downfall 
while the slaves were getting restless 
   that piggy was out on the town 
he danced while his world eroded
   and fiddled as it crashed to the ground

The second little pig built his house of wood
   on an island in the sea
on wooden ships that piggy sailed
   to bring the world to its knees
he took  up the White Man's Burden
   and put the boots to Gunga Din
then he sailed on home with the goodies he stole
   and he sang God Save The Queen

But that little pig was an arrogant pig
   thought held always rule the waves
he sipped his tea, grew thin and weak 
   while the slaves grew strong and brave 
the sun finally set on the second little pig 
   plunged him into darkest night 
his empire sagged and rotted
   and it faded out of sight

The third little pig took some concrete and steel 
   and he built himself a big white house 
with anti-tank emplacements and cruise missile sites 
   no one could get at the louse 
he said "The Big Bad Wolf's out there somewhere 
   but he ain't gonna get me"
he built a closet full of space-age weapons 
   to enforce his righteous greed

This little pig is a smart little pig
   but his luck'll run out some day
there's four billion angry people out there
   someone's gonna make him pay
they'll get sick of that smug little bastard
   and they'll bust into his sty
they'll bash his head and slit his throat
   and hang him out to dry.

                                             (Mike O'Brien)