Close Enough for
Rock & Roll

Dog Meat BBQ

(Flub & Dub Records)

Reviewed by Mark Vaughan-Jackson

For those of you who like their rock with a dose of punk and a dash of bugs in the teeth, the BBQ deliver in spades.

With members who've been playing punk rock since the good old, bad old days, Dog Meat BBQ continues the tradition of loud, rough- edged music with a mean sense of humour.

I mean, how can you resist songs like "Tory from Muskoka", "I Hate My Job 99", "The Boats that Joey Couldn't Burn", and, of course, the unforgettable "Beer Drinking Rap".

And lurking amid the deliciously anarchy-riddled satire, there's some darned good music, if you happen to like it a bit rough with odd sax-effects and a mouth harp that really does wail.

I do.

This review appeared in The Telegram, 14 January 2000.
Reproduced by permission of the author.

Take me drunk, I'm
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