NEWS FLASH: Check out the Dog Meat BBQ page at - four songs are currently available for download.


"Official propaganda tool of the Rock & Roll People's Liberation Army"

Featuring /ounds from the latest Dog Meat BBQ CD, Close Enough for Rock & Roll, available on Flub & Dub Records.

At the moment, the following sound samples are available:

Listen to "Wilbur" - Wilbur (656 KB)

Listen to "Wilbur" - Tory From Muskoka (845 KB)

Listen to "Wilbur" - Clar Riley's Rathole (899 KB)

Listen to "Wilbur" - I Hate My Job 99 (743 KB)

Listen to "Wilbur" - The Evil Drunks (683 KB)

Listen to "Wilbur" - The King of Bullshit (576 KB)

Listen to "Wilbur" - The Boats that Joey Couldn't Burn (856 KB)

Listen to "Wilbur" - The Rocks of Ireland's Eye (775 KB)

Listen to "Wilbur" - Lunar Detox (802 KB)

Listen to "Wilbur" - The Beer Drinking Rap (683 KB)

Listen to "Wilbur" - Lust For a Vampire (996 KB)

We're hoping to get more samples up real soon, so keep checking back to this page. In the meantime, try to keep your pants on - we're trying!

Take me drunk, I'm
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