(Set list from My Place, 19 September 1986)

SET #1

No Talent
Johnny Was a Hero
Tenth Rate Band
Let's Lynch the Landlord
In the Pizza Parlour
I'm On Drugs
Meat Wars
My Mind is Shot
Freakin at the High School Hop
Barbie and Ken
Maggie's Farm

SET #2

Star Kist Tunie
Summertime Blues
I Hate My Job
George Jackson
How I Found Religion
Kiss Me Godzilla
The Mob Killed Jimi Hendrix
Dead Flowers
C D & G
Wild Wild Youth
Twisted Brain
Holiday in Cambodia

SET #3

Pigs in Society
Animals of the World
Runnin From the Weapons of War
Anarchy in the UK
Nuclear Baby Rag
Arriva Derci Roma
Life's Little Miseries
General Strike
Louie Louie