Dog Meat BBQ

9½th Anniversary Reunion

(Set list from Vinyl's, 28 December 1995)

Set #1

Anarchy in the UK (Mike solo)
No Talent
I Wanna Eat
Nuclear Baby Rag
Defecation on the Nation
Tenth Rate Band
Maggie's Farm
C D & G
Big Paddy Wagon
Johnny Was a Hero
A Nice Big Shit
Crazy Glue
Babies March to War
Dance of the Flaming Assholes
Santa's Last Ride
Country Chicken
Batman Theme

SET #2

Spiderman Theme (Mike solo)
Freakin at the High School Hop
Jim Bakker's Lobotomy
The Rocks of Ireland's Eye
I'm on Drugs
Star Kist Tunie
Meat Wars
I Hate My Job
Newfie Rastaman
As Far As We're Concerned
Wild Wild Youth in Asia
Louie Louie (encore)