Arrivederci Roma

Arrivederci Roma (Sic-o-via)

The band's gonna burn in the U.S.A.
Soviet Union and China, too.
When the music gets hot, the whole world rocks.
Rollin' over like the Incas in old Peru.

Nero was a hot shot
a bit part punk in a rock and roll band.
Nero wasn't happy
'til the strings were burnin' at the touch of his hand.
Rome was a hot spot,
jumpin an jivin' an rulin the land
Nero wasn't happy,
'til the town was burnin at his command.

[chorus] Arrivederci Roma.
Goodbye, goodbye to Ecuador.
Arrivederci Deutschland.
Australia ain't waltzing' Mathilda no more.

Politics all over the world
a bit part play on a flamable set
piddlin an fiddlin and wailin away
grabbin their solos till theres nothin else left

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