Defecation on the Nation

Defecation on the Nation (Neutron, Sic-o-via, Moniker)

I say defecation on the nation,
For all it's ever done for me.
I want to have fun, make lots of money
and do it all for free.

I've been so long on the welfare lines
it seems like my second home,
Why should the rich keep gettin' richer
while I keep gettin' none?

The government sucks, it's full of corruption
and people are too dumb to complain.
Just welfare drunks and university flunks
keep fuckin' up time and time again.

I wanna move over to the rich side of town,
but they won't have me in their neighbourhood.
I'll bash out their windows an piss on their lawns,
and that'll fuck 'em up right good.

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