Justin Hall has been a professional photographer for over twenty five years. He has had numerous solo exhibitions – he has shown his work in North America and Europe – and has extensive experience as a cinematographer and as a stills photographer in Newfoundland’s burgeoning film industry. His experimental film ROOF TOPS remains an extraordinary and haunting perception of the city of St. John’s. In 1998, The Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council Commissioned him to document the YEAR OF THE ARTS and the resulting series of photographs captured the spontaneity, the intensity, the collaboration amongst artists during the making and showing of art.

With an omnipresent eye and the ability to become virtually invisible Hall presents eerie mist-shrouded landscapes and quietly dramatic portraits which allow the subject matter to remain inherently mysterious. He shoots the commonplace, the unheeded, the overlooked, and in doing so imbues his subjects with a nobility and significance not immediately apparent to the naked eye. He apprehends a child’s face in the crowd and catches the moment as the child apprehends the lens and is delighted.

Hall is presently working on a show of experimental digital panoramic images which will be part of an exhibition in the spring of 2002.

All digital artwork, photography, images and text © Justin Hall 2001

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