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"Da Slyme - one of the best punk bands to come from Canada (or anywhere else)." Paul Routenberg, Killed by Hype, Punk Rock Canada web site, 1999

Da Slyme is Newfoundland's first punk band.

Formed in 1977 at Memorial University of Newfoundland as Touloose and Da Slyme, the band played around St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada, for a number of years until 1984, when work and travel commitments spread the members across North America. The band never folded and when circumstances allowed, the members got together to continue what is their life project.

Da Slyme wrote and performed all original music.

In 1980, Da Slyme released the first double album by a Canadian punk band (and perhaps the first double lp by any punk band). It featured material recorded in studio and live throughout 1978-79. The self-titled album was memorable for its packaging (or lack thereof). After the records were pressed the band ran out of money to complete the project so they packaged the vinyl in remaindered album jackets from other artists (that they bought for 25 cents each), and spray painted Da Slyme over the front covers.

In 1989 Da Slyme returned for a memorable reunion, The Skeletons out of the Closet Tour in Newfoundland.

In 1999, Da Slyme released a cd, The 20 Year Scam and performed a bombastic show that was live web cast to the world from downtown St. John's.

In 2022 Da Slyme was among the first bands to be invited to exhibit in The Punk Rock Museum in Las Vegas. A number of items including stage constuming and props, the double lp and cd were donated to the museum, which formally opened April 1, 2023 in the U.S. entertainment capital

In 2023, Da Slyme and Celluloid Lunch Records produced a new lp "If there's no rubble, you haven't played!" The album featured collected recordings from Da Slyme's earliest sessions in 1977 through their big stage, sold out show in December 1989.

Da Slyme continues to live. The members are working on a number of projects, including a film doc that will feature some of the vintage video footage (the earliest dating back to 1979) of Da Slyme in action. Stay tuned!

Da Slyme continues to be:

  • Dead Beat, drums
  • Goohaw Groon, keyboards
  • No Moniker, sax, bass
  • Pasquali Neutron, vocals
  • Roscoe Santiago, vocals, harmonica
  • Snotty Slyme, vocals, jawbone d'ass
  • Kirt Sic-o-via, lead guitar, bass
  • Stig Stilletto, bass, guitar


  • Pig Filthy (RIP), percussion
  • Rick Refuse (RIP), MC
  • Stark Raving Mad, percussion
  • Dr. Cod, MC
  • The Ain't Got No IQs, backing vocals


1980: lp (double) Da Slyme, Loo Enterprises
1998: lp (compilation) Smash the State III (4 songs)
1999: cd The 20-Year Scam, Loo Enterprises
2005: cd (compilation) Punk History Canada Presents: Only in Canada, Eh! (77-81), Volume One (one song)
2023: lp If There's No rubble, You Haven't Played!, Celluloid Lunch

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