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About 3 years ago (time is shifting again!), there began to be a renewed interest locally in the whereabouts of Da Slyme. This began with an aborted CBC show on Da Slyme. A staffer did a lengthy interview with some of the members at that time. Because of a round of cutbacks at the CBC the program was never finished. The interview did have one lasting impact however. The assembled members began to talk of the possibility of issuing a CD.

Around that time a vinyl 7 inch disk appeared out of Vancouver Island with a track bootlegged directly from the double LP issued in 1980. That track was The One Chord Punk Rock Song. Since then, in 1998, The VON ZIPPERS version of Truck Stop Nun was issued on a CD compilation called OH CANADUH. The Von Zippers are from Calgary. Da Slyme never played outside St. John's, Nfld. Only 10 albums were ever distributed outside the province (in Toronto). That's one long strange odyssey.

More strangeness! Because of the Internet Da Slyme began to be contacted by fans as far away as Italy and Bavaria. All this has culminated in the activities of the present time and the issuing of Da Slyme's CD The 20 Year Scam.

ED: Note .. to be continued... we have rushed this up because of the site, the impending issue of the CD, and seemingly world wide interest in Da Slyme. This history is from Wallace's viewpoint (with a few embellishments from George) and may be at variance with the recollections of other members. We hope to augment this history with other viewpoints, set-lists, and more photos. TO BE CONTINUED.

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