Da Slyme

God's Mercy on your Doomed Asses!

You have stumbled upon (or, God help you, searched for) the Internet digs of Da Slyme, (please note the Y - we are not Da Slime) Newfoundland's first punk rock band (and one of Canada's first, for that matter). Aside from a bit of fun and some general mischief, the purpose here is to publicize our CD called The 20 Year Scam.

Da Slyme's trademark (The toilet, stupid, not the beer. Please note that no money changed hands for the product placement.

OK, so what's here? Well, there's the song lyrics of the tunes on The 20 Year Scam and a few pictures taken over the years. There's a list of all the gigs Da Slyme played (about three dozen in all) and scans of posters used to promote some of them. And the main event: Kirt's history of Da Slyme.

If you haven't been by here in a while you will notice we've tidied things up a little. After a decade and a half of complete neglect the site was suffering from terminal link rot. That's been fixed. For now, anyway...

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