The 1990's

In the mean time, WET CHEEZE DELIRIUM still reared its head from time to time and, in 1990, Doug Ivey signed on. WCD has released 5 tapes (three on the one day in July 1996!).

Wallace joined an existing experimental band called THE BLACK AUKS in Nov 1992. The AUKS, formed by George Langdon and Don Wherry have released two CDs (Cape Spear Passages 1994 and No Second Takes -1998) and appear on 4 tracks on a Montreal release called DING DONG DELUXE -1995. The line up of the band as of May 99 is Don Wherry, Wallace Hammond, Neil Rosenburg, and Craig Squires (the same - small world!).

1993 began with the appearance of Frank Manley's book: SMASH THE STATE (a discography of Canadian Punk). This contained an entry on Da Slyme. The listing of tracks was erroneous but the presence of Da Slyme in the book showed just how far the word of the band had travelled. The track listing actually is the set list from the reunion show at the Cornerstone in 1989.

Late 1995, DOGMEAT BBQ began to reform, and since then have performed a half dozen shows in St. John's. The most recent being Apr 23 /99 at the Ship Inn. Jan 97, the band recorded a tape called HANG UP YER RAW HIDES and in 1998 appeared on a local CD compilation called cover story - a compilation of local alternative bands covering other local alternative bands. Dogmeat covers PETER NARVAEZ - a song called THE FREEDOM TO FREAK OUT (this song originally was released by Peter on the tape previously mentioned- Yer Blues Ain't Like Mine, recorded in 1977). On the COVER STORY Compilation DOG MEAT is covered by FUR PACKED ACTION doing Dance of the Flamin' Assholes. The current line-up of Dogmeat BBQ is Mike O'Brien, Doug Ivey, with 3 Slyme alumni: Wallace Hammond, Tony Richards and Justin Hall.

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