Mike's Poetry Pit

Here in the Pit you'll find a whole slew of poetry, written by Mike O'Brien, lead vocalist of Dog Meat BBQ. The Pit is kinda small right now, but in the near future we'll be adding more poems, plus pictures and miscellaneous weird shit!

The Poems:
After the Movie
At The Dance
Drunk and Dirty
Elvis Has Left the Building
For Buddy Over There
How I Found Religion
How St. Jarge Slewed the Dragon
I am Joe's Lobotomy
In the Pizza Parlour
Julius Caesar
My First Catechism
Napoleon's Dick
On the Sixth Day He Went for Lunch
One Less Wallenda to Worry About
Other Supreternatural Manifestations
Pigs in Society
Rat Race
The Rise & Fall of the Three Little Pigs
Second Coming
Sleazing on Columbus Day
Social Justice - Toronto Style
We Have Been Altered
Wolf in Cheap Clothing Strikes Out
Xanada to You Too

Some Images:

A Horror Trip to Hell
A Dead Space Alien
Do You Pray in Vain?


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